Wooden Cottages

Wooden CottageThe wooden cottage is the dream of many Canadians, embodying the spirit of free living, vacations in nature and the love of natural building materials.

With our wooden structures, being close to nature while at the same time enjoying all the comforts of modern life has never been easier. The structures we produce are affordable, customizable and extremely cozy.

They have all you need to spend an amazing weekend in nature. Naturally, a full set of electrical appliances is available for you to equip the place with. A fully functional kitchen and bathroom, with a water reservoir, if the cottage is off the grid, is also available. For an even better off the grid living, we also offer alternative power sources, such as a generator or solar batteries.

Types of Wooden Cottages

There is a choice to be made between the classical log home and the more lightweight wooden cottage. Both types of cottages have outstanding inner integrity and can be finished in most any style depending on your preferences.

The space of the cottage can be more or less any size and have many different layouts. Those range from the pre-designed choices you can pick from a catalogue, and all the way to a custom-made design we can produce just for you.

The choice of materials is also very wide, allowing you to to bring your dream home to absolute perfection. The quality of materials used by us is always the best we can find. It is also environmentally responsible both in terms of how it was harvested and its impact on the immediate environment.

It is amazing to see how different cottage designs can be, each embodying the perfect dream getaway for each of our clients. Feel free to look through our gallery and see what kind of work we have done for our happy clients all over Southern Ontario and in other provinces.

We offer a whole range of other wooden structure as well, including log cabins, backyard cabanas, and entire wood framed buildings. Everything is done in a timely fashion, and each client gets the same royal treatment.

Call us now and join our long list of happy clients. Get your perfect dream getaway in the woods, or in the city, from our team of specialist wood structure designers!