Timber Frame Homes

Timber framed homes are among the more popular choices in Canada and for a set of very good reasons. Timber homes are inexpensive to build, while at the same time providing the reliability and weather resistance the Canadian climate requires.

Timber Frame HomeIf you live anywhere in Ontario, or especially up north in the province, a timber built home is very likely your best choice. Our company has a great portfolio of exceptional custom homes we built for happy homeowners in this province and in other parts of Canada.

We insist on using the best quality materials and can offer homebuilding solutions that range from simple modular structures, to fully customized luxurious mansions. Homes with stone and marble interiors, exquisite kitchen and bathroom layouts, fully finished basements and more or less anything else you can imagine.

Timber frame homes have the additional advantage of being highly customizable, allowing you to expand them, adding rooms to the finished house with relative ease. We can design your new home with future expansion in mind, so that you can add new rooms or an entire storey later down the road, increasing your property’s value and living space.

Professionalism and Value

TechEcoHome has a full team of highly qualified professionals with all the necessary credentials and certifications. Our pursuit of quality is relentless, and we provide regular in-house training to our staff, making absolutely sure the workmanship quality is top notch in every respect.

We also refrain from using anything but the most ecologically responsible building materials in our construction projects, ensuring the health and safety of your family, as well as the environment.

Recyclable, biodegradable and chemically neutral materials are used whenever possible, even if they happen to cost more. Quality and responsibility are far more important.

Personal Customer Service

In addition to the high level of workmanship we offer, when you work with us, you get to enjoy a fully personal approach every step of the way. You will have a say in every little detail, will be able to make changes on the go. And what’s even more important – you’ll get to see the end result in a computer imaging interface even before we started working.

Call us now and we’ll see your dream timber frame home become reality!