Timber Frame Homes: Spring Maintenance Tips

As spring arrives the list of chores grows, and a lot of things need cleaning and maintenance for the upcoming season, which is why one should not forget to perform a check up on their vacation home. Timber frame homes have the advantage that most of the wood is inside the house, unexposed to the exterior, which will make the maintenance much easier.

Here are few things that you should check out:

  1. Gutters and rainspouts: A proper cleaning should be performed before the seasonal downfalls start, to avoid clogs, leaky roofs, damage to the house foundations, and insect proliferation.
  2. Landscaping: In order to keep termites and carpenter ants away from your home, make sure that all tree stumps and deadwood are at least 50 feet from the house. Moreover, trees and bushes should be trimmed regularly; this will keep keep moisture away.
  3. Stock burning wood: Although it can come in handy to stock firewood near the house, it is better to keep it at a distance to avoid moisture and possible pests.
  4. Chimney clean-up: If there is more than a quarter-inch of creosote in the chimney damper, it means that it is time to schedule a proper clean up to avoid an accidental fire.
  5. Cracks: Check the exterior and interior of the house for cracks or gaps in the wood that need to be fixed and schedule a repair.


Log Homes Spring Maintenance

If you own a log home where wood is being exposed to the exterior, you should also consider taking care of a few things:

  1. Log cleaning: The exterior of the house should be cleaned twice a year to avoid pollen and dirt accumulation. You can use water or special cleaning products.
  2. Refinishing: The stain layer on the exterior of your log home is not just for visual and aesthetic appeal. It also acts as a barrier for wood complications, if you notice that there is a chip or crack on the stain surface you might need to refinish your log home.

If you encounter any issues during your walk-around or inspection of your vacation home, call us and schedule a visit.