Manufacture Process

Damage analysis, sawing

Manufacturing process of wooden houses starts with a careful selection of pine logs with relevant characteristics, suitable for the needs of production. Selected logs are delivered to the factory for the first laminated veneer lumber manufacture stage – sawing. During this stage, experts also sort and detect faults according to required parameters. With usage of modern equipment logs are transformed into timber boards with required dimensions taking into consideration dimensional allowance for the subsequent technical drying.


After sawing stage, panels are places in a special drying chamber, where they will be moistened to 12% (+/- 2%) for 7 to 10 days under constant control of an operator.


Gluing is one of the most important steps in the production of laminated veneer lumber, which requires not only high-quality raw materials, but also controlled temperature and humidity. We use 14-meter press with the pressure of 18 kg / sq cm, which allows to produce high quality home. Later boards are sent to warehouse, where they spent 72 hours for the final crystallization of the adhesive composition.

Profiling (Shaping)

At this stage, laminated veneer lumber is scraped in a high four-sided machine for the calibration and the formation of the corresponding profile. Right after that, while pores of the wood are still open, it is saturated with protective products to prevent biological impact during transport and assembly.

Tenoning of angle splices and drilling

Manual positioning of the logs, high quality cutters and specially designed equipment makes it possible to connect any log complexity at any angle with a high accuracy. Due to advanced technology, we are able to drill holes according to individual projects and customers’ requests. 


After thorough quality control of our product. It is completely ready-to-assemble material for your future home.