Log Cabins

Log CabinsLog cabins, right alongside with wooden framed homes, are a long-standing Canadian tradition.

The main benefit of this type of building is their simplicity and connection to nature. Their undeniable appeal is rooted in the rough hewn finish of the timbers, as well as the sturdy structure that results in stacking them together.

Wood is also a superb natural insulation, making is absolutely perfect for the colder environments of Upper Canada. The options are pretty wide, in terms of choice of timber, layouts and shape of logs used. Round and square-cut log cabins both have their benefits and you’re free to choose your preference between the two.

Combining Rustic and Modern

The log cabins and homes we produce for our happy clients combine the appeal of the rustic cabin with all the modern comfort you can expect from a 5 Star resort. Short only of room service, of course.

The walls are constructed from solid timber logs, lined on the inside with the surface finish of your choice. It can be a drywall interior, wallpaper, or a wood-panel lining for that special forest cabin feel.

Our log homes can be chosen from a set of pre-designed floor plans, or custom built to your specific needs. A special design team works with every client personally to produce the cabin of your dreams, with all the finishes and furnishings you require. You will see the magic happen in front of your eyes even before the first log has been set in place.

Once the design stage is over, we get to the real magic, creating your cabin from scratch. Every workman on our team is a highly qualified professional with all necessary certifications. Cabins are a serious business, and architects are involved to make sure everything is up to spec-and-standard with regard to safety and construction laws.

It is also our priority to complete projects in good time, leaving a happy customer and moving on to the next one. This means that you won’t have to wait long to see the cabin of your dreams turn into vivid reality.

There is something truly special in a cabin where every feature was lovingly shaped by hand. Once we’re done, you get to enjoy your perfect cabin in the woods made by your log cabins experts.

Give us a call and see the magic for yourself.