Contrary to what some people may think, cabanas are in fact extremely popular in Canada.
We may not have a long summer around here, but it’s usually nice and hot, allowing us to enjoy the weather and have fun near the swimming pool.

CabanaIf you also like the sun and the warmth summer brings, the cabana may be the perfect addition to your back yard. It is a lightweight structure that can serve to create shade without making your back yard too crowded. The roof can be thatched or made of wood planks, depending on your personal preference, and the level of shade and enclosement can also be changed as you wish.

Cabanas can even be converted to fully enclosed gazebos in the colder seasons, allowing you to enjoy a cup of mulled wine on a long autumn evening. Its modular and flexible nature can be fitted with everything you need for outdoor fun, including electrical outlets, a minibar, sink and more or less anything else you can imagine finding in a cabana bar.

Cabana Options

Of course, a proper cabana lounge has to have a swimming pool, which we can build for you. We have an amazing array of materials and finishes that can produce a stunning back yard worthy of a Roman villa. Moreover, having a tropical vacation spot in your back yard can increase your property value dramatically, which means it will pretty much pay for itself.

There are options like fish ponds, bridges over the water and other luxurious perks that will make your home the talk of all your friends for the entire season. Hosting parties on this lounge is more pleasant and relaxing than a standard deck can possibly offer.
Get your own mini resort at home from us, and enjoy the quality of work and amazing design solutions. We take projects small and large and treat all our customers with the same royal treatment.

Naturally, all of our structures adhere to provincial laws and have every necessary safety feature installed. Water safety is extremely important to us, and we approach it very seriously.

Take the time to examine our gallery, and you will see that what we produce are not just structures or spaces. We produce works of art for your delight and enjoyment.

Call us now and get yours built for the summer. It’s gonna be hot!